Trezor Hardware Wallet

Trezor is an autonomous cold storage cryptocurrency. It works both offline and online, allowing you to spend tokens at any time. This cradle can be attached to a key chain or carried in a pocket.

Trezor Wallet Key Benefits

Cryptocurrency coins can not be touched, moreover, the wallets for them are also just a program code on your computer. But you always feel better when something very expensive is always with you in the form of a tangible object. To do this, there are hardware cryptocurrency wallets cold storage, and today we review one of them, called Trezor.

This small cute device provides protection against virtually all methods of cracking the cryptograph. Even if you are taken along with the purse, and physically threatening, they will demand to issue a secret key – you will be able to pay off a small amount imperceptibly for the attacker, keeping the main cryptocurrency account intact.

Trezor can be used with computers infected with viruses. The wallet does not send your passwords and secret keys outside the device; transactions are signed offline in the device itself. In fact, the hardware, or as it is called, cold Trezor wallet is one of the most reliable ways to store cryptocurrencies. The Coin themselves, of course, cannot be stored in the device itself, but without it it is impossible to conduct transactions and in any way withdraw money from the accounts. At the same time, if the wallet is physically broken or lost, you can restore your crypto accounts (if you recorded a special sid phrase when you first start the wallet).

In addition, compared to other similar devices, Trezor is compatible with many official software wallets, in the absence of a computer, it is possible to work with Android devices via an OTG cable, and the build quality of the device and the materials used are better than those of competitors.

What currencies does Trezor support?

In addition to Bitcoin, Trezor’s cryptocurrency wallet supports Etherium and all ERC-20 tokens based on it.

In addition, the following Trezor currencies are available today:

  • Litecoin;

  • Dash;

  • Zcash;

  • Bitcoin Cash;

  • Bitcoin Gold

  • Ethereum Classic;

  • Expanse;

  • UBIQ

  • NEM 

  • Namecoin;

  • Dogecoin;

  • Bitcoin Testnet.

Trezor Wallet Security

Today it is one of the safest wallets, using several layers of protection. The basic principle: all keys and passwords, in addition to the leaflet, are stored only in encrypted hardware memory (which cannot be cracked at the current technology level), sites and applications are used only as a graphical interface for the wallet. The process of exchanging wallet information with various devices is also reliably protected: no keys are transferred, the wallet only checks the transaction parameters you set, and confirms them, while changing the address or amount is impossible. The creators took into account many options for hacking, and because of this, since the appearance of the wallet in 2013, none of the Trezor wallet users have stolen the cryptocurrencies stored on it.

How to buy Trezor wallet

The Trezor wallet is the easiest to buy on the official website, where it is available in two colors: black and white. Trezor wallet itself costs 89 euros, and delivery from DHL (up to 30 euros) will cost from 17 euros, depending on your location. You can order delivery even in Zimbabwe.