October 2, 2018 5:46 pm

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum

Download Now The feature of the app Claymore’s Dual Ethereum in the possibility of mining the cryptocurrency. They support dual mining of ETH+DCR, while working with Decree does not reduce the Ethereum hashrate. Thanks to the revised software code of the miner, the efficiency of ether production increased by 3-5%. This was achieved through the

September 21, 2018 4:13 pm


Download Now Description BFGMiner is a command – line miner that allows to extract the main cryptocurrency and forks. The main advantage of the program is the fact that it can mine not only the capacity of regular CPU and GPU (AMD only) but also work with ASIC and FPGA. For those who do not

September 21, 2018 3:08 pm


HONEYMINER – BEST PRIFITABLE MINING SOFTWARE? Download The new program will allow anyone to earn a small part of bitcoin, if he has a laptop on Windows. The application gives you the opportunity to feel the romance of the time when the cryptocurrency just appeared, and no one thought about special miners and farms. How

September 21, 2018 2:18 pm


Computta- Profitable Computing Network Download A new and proven site for mining, which allows you to mine cryptocurrency automatically and conveniently withdraw it. As in the analogues of the program there is an opportunity to use different modes of the program. Similarly, we pass a quick registration on the official website and install the program

September 21, 2018 1:51 pm


MultiMiner is a desktop application for crypto-coin mining and monitoring on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. MultiMiner simplifies switching individual devices (GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs) between crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. MultiMiner uses the underlying mining engine (BFGMiner) to detect available mining hardware and then presents an intuitive screen for choosing the coins you’d

September 21, 2018 11:21 am


GUIMiner – a CPU/GPU for Windows Download Now WHAT IS GUIMINER? GUIMiner is a graphical frontend for mining Bitcoin, providing a convenient way to operate Bitcoin miners from a graphical interface. It supports both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, as well as CPU mining. You can choose between pooled mining and solo mining – the software

September 21, 2018 11:09 am


Download Now Cryptex is a program that uses the computing power of a computer to generate cryptocurrency. Cryptex receives computational tasks from the server and makes useful mathematical calculations. For this you get money. This is difficult: previously, only a very narrow circle of people could do it. We made complicated things simple. Now everyone

September 12, 2018 2:38 pm


NiceHash Miner Free cryptocurrency GUI miner Automatically maximizes your earningsUse anonymously without registrationPerfect for both beginners and crypto enthusiasts Download NiceHash is a special multi-mining pool as it allows users to mine any hashing algorithm and to sell the hashing algorithm in the Nicehash hashpower exchange to users that want to buy a profitable mining