BFGMiner is a command – line miner that allows to extract the main cryptocurrency and forks. The main advantage of the program is the fact that it can mine not only the capacity of regular CPU and GPU (AMD only) but also work with ASIC and FPGA. For those who do not know – these are specialized computing devices designed for the production of electronic coins and do not perform absolutely no other functions. At the time of writing this review, they are not too common, as now it is more cost-effective to use conventional graphics adapters.

Work with program

To run BFGMiner used BAT-file, which is located in the archive with executable files. After starting the user is asked to enter the address of the pool and login information in the account. Once connected, you will be able to observe a log of operations performed, and to obtain information about the current status of the GPU. By the way, the miner includes tools to overclock the graphics adapter and control the speed of the regular cooler. We strongly recommend not to use them without overclocking skills.

For the convenience of working with multiple workername, BFGMiner provides the Manager of the pools and the device Manager. As we mentioned above, the application does not have its own graphical shell. But no one bothers you to use a third-party GUI.


The list of algorithms supported by BFGMiner, is quite extensive. It includes: Script (with various modifications), SHA256D, OpenCL and so on. The program can be quickly switched to solo mining mode or connected to a proxy. It also supports decentralized protocols and allows you to work with multiple devices of different types at the same time. If there are problems with the response of any of the connected devices, the application displays a notification, but continues to produce cryptocurrency on “live” workers.

Key feature

  • Mining e-coins on ASIC and FPGA;

  • Traditional CPU and GPU support (AMD only);

  • Built-in graphics card overclocking tools;

  • Script and RPC support;large list of available algorithms for mining major currencies and forks.