Cryptex is a program that uses the computing power of a computer to generate cryptocurrency.

Cryptex receives computational tasks from the server and makes useful mathematical calculations. For this you get money. This is difficult: previously, only a very narrow circle of people could do it. We made complicated things simple. Now everyone can just run the Cryptex and get paid for it.

Pros and Cons

•Mining using the program Kryptex is carried out on the video card, of course there is the possibility of mining on the processor, but it is much lower.

•Easy to install, you just download the program, pass the test, sets the minimum settings and everything works automatically.

•Very good FAQ section-answers to almost all questions and fast technical support. Specifically wrote, got a response within a couple hours.

•Convenient service interface, there are no difficult moments, that Is, you can easily understand it.

•You can withdraw earned money bitcoins. The output is carried out in different ways. Very low threshold of the minimum salary of 0.75 USD.

•There is no binding to the bitcoin wallet, that is, even if you lose access to it, you can use another wallet.