Today we look at the most popular and acclaimed service Let us evaluate its main advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at the functionality of the wallet. takes its beginning in 2011, the period when Bitcoin was a toy for programmers, and few people knew about the blockchain, even on specialized portals. The rapid growth and success came to him with the development of Bitcoin and the emergence of the Ethereum network.

Today is an online wallet that supports

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Bitcoin Cash.


Fast access. The main advantage of online wallets over their desktop “brothers” is their speed of access. Agree, it’s pretty simple: create a bookmark in the browser and have round-the-clock access to your funds from any device.

Applications for Android and IOS. You can really synchronize your online wallet with a mobile application by downloading it to your phone from the corresponding store. To synchronize, you will only need to scan the QR code from the wallet personal account.

SEED phrase. supports recovery by mnemonic phrase, which is the most bold advantage of this wallet. Accordingly, this means that you can extract your private keys and save them to paper.
Russian language support. The advantage is not the most outstanding, but in many respects it makes life easier, especially when it comes to fine tuning.

Protection. Supports protection by two-factor authentication, email binding and mobile phone. This, of course, is not a panacea for hacking, but it significantly increases the chances of saving your money.

View blockchain. The service offers its own implementation of the blockchain viewing function, where anyone can see the latest transactions, the total number of transactions per day and other details.

Conclusions on the online wallet ambiguous.

On the one hand, it is quite convenient and even provides the SEED key, which causes a certain amount of trust.

On the other hand, the reputation of the service is covered with dark spots and there are a lot of prerequisites for fear for their money.
In such a situation, I believe, it is optimal to use in the same way as most online wallets. That is, to keep in such places the minimum amount and do not forget about the elementary precautions when working in the network.